Piano Lessons in Seven Hills

How to develop good piano practicing habits

Good learning habits that are experienced in the lesson are more likely to be applied during practice at home. The following points are essential at the beginning stages of piano practicing at home:

  • Accurate note reading
  • Slow tempo
  • Counting allowed
  • Practicing small sections
  • Repeating difficult sections
  • Keeping eyes on the page

It is also essential to have a systematic approach to learning piano. Student should have small goals set by teachers in order to progress to more complicated levels.

The following are appropriate practice steps:

  1. Scanning the notes before playing
  2. Tapping the rhythm, hands separately, while counting allowed
  3. Tapping the rhythm, hands together
  4. Observing intervals.
  5. Observing fingering
  6. Playing each hand separately
  7. Playing hands together in slow motion
  8. Playing at performance tempo

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