Piano Lessons in Seven Hills

The Difference

The Difference

Harmony Music School is a group of highly qualified and experienced music teachers with a passion to share their love for music.

All teachers hold undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in music and have worked consistently in the industry for many years.

We encourage a holistic approach to music learning which not only includes learning to play an instrument, but also all the other aspects such as music theory and aural training. These elements are essential if the student is preparing for exams.

The unique element of Harmony Music School is our  master classes with guest teachers / performers from other universities. Master classes encourage and develop performance skills, especially if your goal is to become a performing musician.

Regular recitals are organized for all students which is an excellent opportunity to showcase to parents and family your learning progress. Recitals are a goal that encourages students to prepare and practice.

What we believe

We believe that learning should be a happy experience. We love teaching and having fun.

We would love to talk to you and to help you make a decision of starting learning music.

The private tuition experience

We provide a welcoming environment designed to foster innovation and creativity while helping each student achieve professional excellence.

It is proven that music has a dramatic effect on any child’s learning experience and development. Learning an instrument can be fun and enjoyable. Your child will learn to play Piano and will gain performance skills which are very important in learning an instrument. I organize yearly recitals for students to be able to showcase their achievements and to show the parents their progress. This provides students with confidence and helps develop their self-esteem.